This page includes the past chapters of my career. Current ones are on LinkedIn.

When Project Short Story Tech Screenshot
2020 SpeakerTogether A simple Scala program to match speakers that I crossed at the tech conferences where I spoke 🎙 Scala SpeakerTogether
2020 Sopossum Founder in an eCommerce startup to improve the working dynamics with their virtual assistants. The main idea was pattern mining on data about the execution of the SOPs (hence the name SOPossum) 🐭 Scala, Akka, PostgreSQL, K8S, GCP Sopossum
2019 Raspberry PI AI I built an AI model capable of detecting planes and ran it on a Raspberry PI looking out of the window. Pictures where a plane was detected were posted at @PlanesOnBridge 🤖 Scala, Akka Streams, Deeplearning4j Raspberry PI AI
2018 Ace & Tate Modernizing the eCommerce engine of a scale-up eyewear retailer 🕶 Scala, Akka, Lagom, GCP, K8S Ace & Tate
2018 Caterina A “Streaming Big Data” project to find reliable patterns between the price fluctuations of a cryptocurrency and events related to it. 📈 Scala, Akka, Docker, GCP, K8S Caterina
2016 to 2018 Weeronline Weeronline is the top Dutch player in the weather forecast business. I covered different roles there, from software engineer to Tech Lead managing the entire development department. ☀️🌧️☁️ Scala, Akka, Java Weeronline
2016 The Things Network The Things Network is a crowd-sourced LoraWAN network that covers the entire world, more or less. I built an Android SDK to interact with its original (long discontinued) MQTT API. 📡 Android Java The Things Network
2016 SpeedyNappy SpeedyNappy is an app that lets you find the closest venue with a changing table for your baby. User-source data, reviews and all! 🚼 Scala, Play, Java SpeedyNappy
2015 to 2016 Perfect Earth Animals Perfect Earth Animals was an app in the Perfect Earth world - an ecosystem focused on ecology and sustainability. I built the Scala / Play backend and the Android client, which embedded my other project CloudMatch! 🐬🦜🐆🐞 Scala, Play, Java Perfect Earth Animals
2014 to 2015 Horsha Horsha was a startup in stealth-mode building a social network for horse owners to help them share the care for their animals. I built the native Android app. 🐴 Java Horsha
2013 to 2014 CloudMatch CloudMatch was a cloud engine that allowed people to use gestures across multiple touchscreen devices. Heavily distributed, it marked my entry in the Scala and Akka ecosystem. 📱📱 Scala, Akka, Java, Objective-C, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes Academic Research
2012 to 2013 Snipper Android developer for a startup in the consumer video space – think Instagram for movies. Occasional work on the Java backend and on a coupled web product. 📽 Java Academic Research
2007 to 2012 TomTom My first corporate experience in Software Development. I have the fondest memories of it. A fun product in a fun, young environment. 🌎 C++, Java Academic Research
2003 to 2007 Academic Research My academic research and Master’s Thesis on Scale-Free Networks and the Internet topology. This worked allowed me to publish five articles and win a grant at the University of Amsterdam under the HPC Europa program. 🎓 C++ Academic Research
2001 to 2006 Litfiba Official Website The rock band from the below website offered me the position of Webmaster of their official website! 🤘 I built a Flash website that still looks gorgeous - at least to me. 🎤 Flash, Actionscript Litfiba Official Website
1998 to 2001 Litfinternet My first website, pure HTML written entirely by hand with Notepad on an old Amstrad 286. I was still in high school and in love with the greatest Italian rock band of all times. 🎸 Hand-written HTML on Windows95’s Notepad Litfinternet