This page includes the past chapters of my career. Current ones are on LinkedIn.

When Project Short Story Tech Screenshot
2019 Raspberry PI AI I built an AI model capable of detecting planes and ran it on a Raspberry PI looking out of the window. Pictures where a plane was detected were posted at @PlanesOnBridge 🤖 Scala, Akka Streams, Deeplearning4j Raspberry PI AI
2018 Ace & Tate Modernizing the eCommerce engine of a scale-up eyewear retailer 🕶 Scala, Akka, Lagom, GCP, K8S Ace & Tate
2018 Caterina A “Streaming Big Data” project to find reliable patterns between the price fluctuations of a cryptocurrency and events related to it. 📈 Scala, Akka, Docker, GCP, K8S Caterina
2016 to 2018 Weeronline Weeronline is the top Dutch player in the weather forecast business. I covered different roles there, from software engineer to Tech Lead managing the entire development department. ☀️🌧️☁️ Scala, Akka, Java Weeronline
2016 The Things Network The Things Network is a crowd-sourced LoraWAN network that covers the entire world, more or less. I built an Android SDK to interact with its original (long discontinued) MQTT API. 📡 Android Java The Things Network
2016 SpeedyNappy SpeedyNappy is an app that lets you find the closest venue with a changing table for your baby. User-source data, reviews and all! 🚼 Scala, Play, Java SpeedyNappy
2015 to 2016 Perfect Earth Animals Perfect Earth Animals was an app in the Perfect Earth world - an ecosystem focused on ecology and sustainability. I built the Scala / Play backend and the Android client, which embedded my other project CloudMatch! 🐬🦜🐆🐞 Scala, Play, Java Perfect Earth Animals
2014 to 2015 Horsha Horsha was a startup in stealth-mode building a social network for horse owners to help them share the care for their animals. I built the native Android app. 🐴 Java Horsha
2013 to 2014 CloudMatch CloudMatch was a cloud engine that allowed people to use gestures across multiple touchscreen devices. Heavily distributed, it marked my entry in the Scala and Akka ecosystem. 📱📱 Scala, Akka, Java, Objective-C, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes Academic Research
2012 to 2013 Snipper Android developer for a startup in the consumer video space – think Instagram for movies. Occasional work on the Java backend and on a coupled web product. 📽 Java Academic Research
2007 to 2012 TomTom My first corporate experience in Software Development. I have the fondest memories of it. A fun product in a fun, young environment. 🌎 C++, Java Academic Research
2003 to 2007 Academic Research My academic research and Master’s Thesis on Scale-Free Networks and the Internet topology. This worked allowed me to publish five articles and win a grant at the University of Amsterdam under the HPC Europa program. 🎓 C++ Academic Research
2001 to 2006 Litfiba Official Website The rock band from the below website offered me the position of Webmaster of their official website! 🤘 I built a Flash website that still looks gorgeous - at least to me. 🎤 Flash, Actionscript Litfiba Official Website
1998 to 2001 Litfinternet My first website, pure HTML written entirely by hand with Notepad on an old Amstrad 286. I was still in high school and in love with the greatest Italian rock band of all times. 🎸 Hand-written HTML on Windows95’s Notepad Litfinternet