2001 to 2006 - Litfiba Official Website

The greatest Italian rock band of all times offered me the position of Webmaster for their official website back in 2001. This happened as I had created a fan-page about the band a few years earlier. I enthusiastically took the role and initially maintained their existing website, until the point where a new one was due.

I took care of both design and development; for the latter I chose Macromedia Flash and coded everything in ActionScript 1.0. The result was something that looked incredible, had smooth animations everywhere and loaded very fast.

In fact the animation were such a core part of it that I decided to record a screencast to show what it looked like. To me, the website looks awesome to these days and fully passed the test of time!

The website design was heavily inspired by my Telecommunication Engineering studies at the time. Electric symbols or circuitry are a recurring element.

Usability was the main issue. The website didn’t look like anything else around at the time and therefore it was difficult to navigate at first look. From a business perspective, it was also quite a niche technology, while most websites were HTML tables with some JS sprinkled on top and powered by PHP backends.

I still have the .swf compiled files, but the source .fla files are no longer supported by Adobe I couldn’t find a way to change them again.

I worked there for a total of five years, which mostly overlapped my college studies. During the first year, 2001, I had a contract with EMI Music.