Gouda, The Cheesy Town

Cheese is one of the legal things that Holland is known for.

The Old Waters Next To Gouda

It was cold but clear and the sun was on the rise. A gorgeous day!

After Work Ride to Enkhuizen

Among the best things of the Netherlands are the super long days that we get in spring and summer.

Picasso And The Mandolin

I just think it's a really cool painting.

The Eye; or, The Modern Film Museum

Once upon a time, in Amsterdam, there was a Film Museum in the Vondelpark.

Selfportrait in Seven

Marc Chagall has always been very important to me as one of his prints was hung in my parents' room.

The Making Of Another Polder

A couple of new discoveries just in my back-yard.

Through The Autumn Mist

This ride was the last one of 2012.

Taking The Piss Out Of Ikea

I was amazed by Dutch tunnels for the second time in my life.

The Parakeet Marmaid

I have made a little garden all around me, where I can walk.

A Solo Bike Night Out

Check how stylish my bike looked like when fully built for the very first time.

The Flower Sunset

This time around, this incredible sunset was our ultimate reward.

The Sleeping Gipsy

I had a similar painting in my house when I was a kid.

So On Zeeburg Island

Not all rides need to cover hundred of kilometers.

The Making Of A Polder

Have you ever wondered how polders are born?

Counter Composition V

You would think there are worse problems in life, but don't underestimate the power or lines.

A Cross Versus The Time

Wind, rain, hail, snow and sheep droppings hit relentlessly this cross for almost four centuries.

Amsterdam Graffiti

Each street artist got a section of the wall and began his work.

Finally Marken

Among all the bike rides around Amsterdam, this outta be one of my favorites.

Eye For An Eye

The Code of Hammurabi is one of the oldest law collection that we know of.

Selfportrait in Death

His life was such a series of tragic events that one wonders how he made it this far without antidepressants.

A Sublime Man Hero

If you walk close, you'll be completely surrounded by its saturated red and that will be it.

Picasso's Violins And Grapes

The musical instruments seem to have been 'sliced' into multiple planes.

Futurism At War

As World War I broke out in August 1914, Futurists planned public rallies in support of Italian participation.

The Rhine Without Gold

The cycling season 2013 has officially begun!

Amsterdam to Paris - Check! ✅

Cycling through France has been the best part of it all.

Unconventional Kid Carrying

Can you spot the kid in this picture?

Middleburg is Another Cute Dutch Town

Amsterdam was a top place for the Occupy movement.

Liberty, Freedom Or The Like

Such iconic things always have a big impact on me.

Standing In The Street

It was night and cold.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

We never really realize how important the ground beneath our feet is.

The Dandy Warhols in Concert

I was in love with the keyboard player of The Dandy Warhols.

New York City Taxi

What color are those?

Blog Pause

The blog is temporarily in standby as I'm currently bike touring in the south of the Netherlands.

With Love From Amsterdam

I put it into a calendar I created for my friends and family.

A Snake in Wazemmes

Why oh why I ever left Lille?

The Traffic Policeman

An urban figure from other times.

To Each His Own

Each country has its own problems.

Buried Deep Into Chess

Five friends in a lively Christmas Market.

The New Apple Church in Amsterdam

A new religion seems to be on the rise.

Las Vegas Never Sleeps

I entered Las Vegas on a Greyhound bus on an August night.

One Island At Night

All the buildings in the picture stand on an artificial island.

The Ice in Amsterdam

Winter is gone--long life to the winter!

My ABC of Travel

The learning feeling. Seeing things that you will carry with you forever.

Befriending Milan, Part 2

Compared to the average Italian big city, Milan is less chaotic and public transportation seems to work much better.

How To Weigh Cheese

This is exactly the information you need right now.

Befriending Milan, Part 1

What is my take on Milan after being there as a proper tourist?

Sunset Chess

Who wants to play chess?

From Gouda With Cheese

Remember my post about Gouda?

The Leaning Church of Delft

Which is the most famous leaning structure of the world?

If I Want To Look Like A Pirate...

Pirates always have a parrot on their shoulder.

Environmental Changes

I have drafted down a few reforms and technological introductions for this country.

Vondelpark Blue

From an idea of Steve McQueen, the lights in Vondelpark were all changed to a bluesy blue.

Almost Twin Bikes

Is it just me?

Erasmus Bridge

It is nowadays one of the symbols of Rotterdam.

The Cubic Houses of Rotterdam

Houses come in all forms and shape, nowadays.

Unaware in Paris

Why is that tourist looking at me?

The Queens of The Ceiling

This bar along Prinsengracht in Amsterdam has round portraits of women.

Merry Christmas 2011

Time with family? Lots of food?

Amsterdam Can Be Glossy

The Sky Lounge is a cozy, expensive bar with an amazing view on the city.

Finding Nemo in Amsterdam

The day that I spotted it from a prettier view, I had to promptly capture it. Just in case.


Sinterklaas notably arrives in November on a steam boat from Spain.

Vondelpark Yellow

Yellow is a rare color in urban landscapes.

A Chain On The Coast

We were almost there when my chain snapped in two!

Lonesome Begijnhof

The Begijnhof will stun you as you walk in.

21st Century Rembrandt

The 21st Century tribute to the guy is a tower.

Pimp my Bike

I appeared on the November issue of Amsterdam Magazine, a 50.000 copies, English-speaking monthly!

Vondelpark Red

Summer is barbecue season in the Netherlands.

Over The Highway

Getting away from the city buildings is one of the main purposes.

Vondelpark Green

Sometimes it's the only color you need.

Mist in Amsterdam

Sometimes it gets misty here.

Amsterdam Favourite Tower

Just out of the window, my favourite tower of Amsterdam.

A Countercurrent Point of View on Snow

This is the view from my room in Amsterdam right now.

Bicycle Canal Parking

Ever wondered what happens if you park your bicycle on the bottom of a canal?

Occupy Amsterdam

Amsterdam was a top place for the Occupy movement.

Republique-Beaux Arts

I never manged to get in there, maybe because at nights it looks like a haunted manor.

Circus Maximum

A few beers, a few friends, a few guitars, maybe a frisbee.

Cows And Warfare

This little bunker was just another one of the infinte gems that this country will let you discover only by bike.

Destination Abcoude

The sweet flavor of discovery.

A New Biker Is Born

I was only a handful of kilomters away but it felt like I had gone as far as Patagonia again.

The Cathedral of Mexico City

One step inside Mexico city's Cathedral will leave you almost blind.

Christmas Happens in Berlin, too

Berlin is the living testimony of the atrocities that took place in Europe in the 20th century.

Guitar Shop in Tokyo

Tokyo has one of the highest population density in the world.

The Quest For Gina Pronk

You are probably wondering who Gina Pronk is. I wondered the same for a long time.

Blossoming Tulips in Holland

Mid-April, blossoming season in the Netherlands.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

I decided to start publishing short stories.

The Elevators of Valparaiso

They still take you all the way up for an insignificant price.

The Dogs of Valparaiso

There are a zillion dogs in Valparaiso.

The Walls of Valparaiso

Everywhere is color and graffiti art.

Final Chile Impressions

A few more remarks about Chile that didn't find room in the previous entries.

Café Con Piernas

Claudia was more than happy to have a chat with us.

Biowine At Emiliana

This the first beautiful sight of it from the highway.

A Striking Journey

Protesters have taken control of the bank, and don't let ferries unload.

The End of The World - Part 2

Despite my grumbles, we agreed on walking all the way back.

The End of The World - Part 1

Argentinians can't contain their love for the national color.

Torres Del Paine Through the Boot Hole

Guido's boots don't look like proper mountain boots at all.

So Cold You Might Meet Penguins

Does anyone remember the hole in the ozone layer?

Towards The End Of The World

Guido and I stood up after only 3 hours of New Year's sleep and began packing for the next adventure.

An Ovenly New Year's Eve

The fun thing is that we kept the shop open, and people kept coming in.

When Italy and Chile Unite

Cooking together when we meet is a tradition that we try to honour whenever applicable.

A Bright, Not So White Christmas

You can't imagine the weirdness of a hot, summery Christmas until you live it.

Los Porteños de Valparaiso

What I didn't understand from our email exchange is that she had a room to rent out herself.

Water Walks

Wrecked walls where black cracks become part of the colored graffiti.

Chilean Onions

This is kinda awakening my latin roots.

Valparaiso, Chile

The journey from Australia to South America has been the longest of my life yet.

Goodbye Australia

It was nice meeting you. Next time we'll become friends.

Finally Melbourne!

Shall I ever look for a job in Australia, Melbourne would be the place..

An Aboriginal Journey

They had never known the concept of property nor fences.

Geraldton Life - Outdoor

Eyes barely open, they look like half asleep at the bar after a night out drinking.

Geraldton Life - Hostel

I ended up staying almost two weeks, and only because I had a damn plane to catch.

The Surfing End

So there I am, alone again.

Outback Drive

The drive to the next destination was the toughest so far.

Golden Skimpies!

They are basically waitress who only wear lingerie.

Esperance Hopes

I regarded them as proper signatures on the road.

The Road To A Roadtrip

This is the only way to hear the breath of the land.


The birthplace of a nation and its missed capital.

Sandy Fun on Fraser Island

I felt actually ready for an easy, laid back, lazy touristic experience.

Down Under an Ozzy Sky

I desperately wanted to buy a new MacBook Pro.

Journeys From And To (Kathmandu)

It took us 13 hours to go back to Kathmandu.

Dashain in Nepal, Part 3

We never stopped eating goat and rice.

Dashain in Nepal, Part 2

I'm given a little room built on one side of the house.

Dashain in Nepal, Part 1

I've been 5 days away from any electricity.

Chitwan National Park Safari

Chitwan is very different than the Nepal I've seen so far.

Kathmandu Impressions

I've been 5 days away from any electricity.

His Imperial Highness, Part 3

Third and last part of the Everest Trek.

His Imperial Highness, Part 2

The altitude sickness is gone.

His Imperial Highness, Part 1

Back in one piece from the 17-days trek in Nepal.


I got my backpack Ferrino back!

The Indian Route

The first message from my six months off work.

Matisse and the Maroccans

One of the problems of art on the web is that no-one has a clue about the dimensions.

The Fall of Icarus

I was walking through the rooms, when I raised my eyes and saw this painting on the ceiling.