Vondelpark Blue

Some time ago I published a few takes on some of Vondelpark’s colors, green, yellow and red. I couldn’t foresee that another color would have sprung up, but here it is: the entire Vondelpark has shifted to a deep, electric blue.

From an idea of Steve McQueen, the lights in Vondelpark were all changed to a bluesy blue for a few weeks during March 2012.

This incredible change affected the entire park: benches, trees, water, bushes. The usual idea of a green area was swapped with blue, altering completely all vibes and feelings. The overall effect was somewhat warmer and somewhat colder.

The next image was taken by a friend of mine, letting the camera capture light for 15 seconds in a row while riding the bicycle.

Vondelpark had never been so unfamiliar. My most intense impression was of being on some alien planet.

Last modified: 27 January 2012