Pimp my Bike

I appeared on the November issue of Amsterdam Magazine, a 50.000 copies, English-speaking monthly!

Have you ever heard of MTV’s program “Pimp my Car”? If so, you’ll know what I’m going to talk about: my beloved city bike has been fully pimped! Here’s the link to the full article, at page 53!

In this regular column, the Magazine takes care of Amsterdam’s most beloved bycicles, giving them a full clean-up and an aesthetic boost, in collaboration with selected visual artist. I chose “flamboyant red muscle cars of the 70’s” as theme. My bike ended up in the hands of Jovana, who fashioned her up like no-one before. Also, all the pictures in this article appear thanks to her courtesy.

Here’s a detail of how challenging the task was:

And here’s the pictures of the entire procedure!

…which required some safety measures against the red spray…

…until the amazing final touch, this amazing graffiti.

For a picture of the complete bike, read the full story here (page 53).

I have the most beautiful bike in town now!

Last modified: 15 November 2011