2015 to 2016 - Perfect Earth Animals

Perfect Earth Animals is an educational app for kids. Centered around the discovery of biodiversity, it enabled players to walk in a park and used locations services collect disseminated virtual cards of endangered animals and learn about them.

Animals were divided in themes corresponding to different natural areas such as Rainforest, Desert, Oceans and so on.

The system was quite straightforward: a Play app built in Scala would store and serve all data from a persistence layer in MongoDB. An Angular admin website allowed the client to insert new content, such as new animal cards, images or coordinates where a card would be available.

This project was incredibly special as it has been the one and only paying customer ever for my own startup CloudMatch! Christian, the mind behind the entire Perfect Earth ecosystem, saw the playful potential of exchanging items with gestures across touchscreens and believed in it enough to make it a unique feature of his card game. I’m not sure if I ever told him, but I am very grateful for having believed in it. Below you can see a recording of an excited myself showcasing a working prototype with the exchange mechanics in place.

The app was visually beautiful, thanks to the gorgeous illustrations. It was a lot of fun to build too. The current app is an improvement over the one that I built and I don’t know how much of the logic has stayed, either on the servers or on the mobile client. What I know for sure is that CloudMatch is no longer part of it.