The Making Of Another Polder

A couple of new discoveries just in my back-yard.

So On Zeeburg Island

Not all rides need to cover hundred of kilometers.

Amsterdam Graffiti

Each street artist got a section of the wall and began his work.

Liberty, Freedom Or The Like

Such iconic things always have a big impact on me.

Standing In The Street

It was night and cold.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

We never really realize how important the ground beneath our feet is.

The Dandy Warhols in Concert

I was in love with the keyboard player of The Dandy Warhols.

With Love From Amsterdam

I put it into a calendar I created for my friends and family.

To Each His Own

Each country has its own problems.

The New Apple Church in Amsterdam

A new religion seems to be on the rise.

One Island At Night

All the buildings in the picture stand on an artificial island.

The Ice in Amsterdam

Winter is gone--long life to the winter!

Sunset Chess

Who wants to play chess?

Environmental Changes

I have drafted down a few reforms and technological introductions for this country.

Vondelpark Blue

From an idea of Steve McQueen, the lights in Vondelpark were all changed to a bluesy blue.

Almost Twin Bikes

Is it just me?

The Queens of The Ceiling

This bar along Prinsengracht in Amsterdam has round portraits of women.

Merry Christmas 2011

Time with family? Lots of food?

Amsterdam Can Be Glossy

The Sky Lounge is a cozy, expensive bar with an amazing view on the city.

Finding Nemo in Amsterdam

The day that I spotted it from a prettier view, I had to promptly capture it. Just in case.


Sinterklaas notably arrives in November on a steam boat from Spain.

Vondelpark Yellow

Yellow is a rare color in urban landscapes.

Lonesome Begijnhof

The Begijnhof will stun you as you walk in.

21st Century Rembrandt

The 21st Century tribute to the guy is a tower.

Pimp my Bike

I appeared on the November issue of Amsterdam Magazine, a 50.000 copies, English-speaking monthly!

Vondelpark Red

Summer is barbecue season in the Netherlands.

Vondelpark Green

Sometimes it's the only color you need.

Mist in Amsterdam

Sometimes it gets misty here.

Amsterdam Favourite Tower

Just out of the window, my favourite tower of Amsterdam.

A Countercurrent Point of View on Snow

This is the view from my room in Amsterdam right now.

Bicycle Canal Parking

Ever wondered what happens if you park your bicycle on the bottom of a canal?

Occupy Amsterdam

Amsterdam was a top place for the Occupy movement.

The Quest For Gina Pronk

You are probably wondering who Gina Pronk is. I wondered the same for a long time.

Blossoming Tulips in Holland

Mid-April, blossoming season in the Netherlands.

The Indian Route

The first message from my six months off work.