Kubernetes Community Days

Co-organizer of a tech conference around Kubernetes and Cloud Native.

Bicycle Touring Amsterdam

A community centered around long-distance bicycle riding.

The Old Waters Next To Gouda

It was cold but clear and the sun was on the rise. A gorgeous day!

After Work Ride to Enkhuizen

Among the best things of the Netherlands are the super long days that we get in spring and summer.

The Making Of Another Polder

A couple of new discoveries just in my back-yard.

Through The Autumn Mist

This ride was the last one of 2012.

Taking The Piss Out Of Ikea

I was amazed by Dutch tunnels for the second time in my life.

A Solo Bike Night Out

Check how stylish my bike looked like when fully built for the very first time.

The Flower Sunset

This time around, this incredible sunset was our ultimate reward.

So On Zeeburg Island

Not all rides need to cover hundred of kilometers.

The Making Of A Polder

Have you ever wondered how polders are born?

A Cross Versus The Time

Wind, rain, hail, snow and sheep droppings hit relentlessly this cross for almost four centuries.

Finally Marken

Among all the bike rides around Amsterdam, this outta be one of my favorites.

The Rhine Without Gold

The cycling season 2013 has officially begun!

Amsterdam to Paris - Check! ✅

Cycling through France has been the best part of it all.

Blog Pause

The blog is temporarily in standby as I'm currently bike touring in the south of the Netherlands.

A Chain On The Coast

We were almost there when my chain snapped in two!

Over The Highway

Getting away from the city buildings is one of the main purposes.

Cows And Warfare

This little bunker was just another one of the infinte gems that this country will let you discover only by bike.

Destination Abcoude

The sweet flavor of discovery.

A New Biker Is Born

I was only a handful of kilomters away but it felt like I had gone as far as Patagonia again.