Crypto and big data (series)

f(ETH, conference) = price variation

Scala Days 2019 with the Lunatech crew!

My first Scala Days was the 10th year anniversary

Akka Http, handle Websockets with Actors

An example usage of Websocket in Akka Http

Akka Streams Partition Example

An example usage of Akka Streams Partition Graph Stage

Akka Cluster Singleton Example

An example app using Akka ClusterSingleton and ClusterRouterPool.

AWS Request Signer in Scala

Scala library to authenticate your HTTP requests to AWS services.

Scala Play server with ReactJS and RefluxJS

A simple Scala/Play server using WebJars, ReactJS and RefluxJS for the frontend.

ReactJS Tutorial with Play, Scala and WebJars.

The official ReactJS tutorial implemented with Play Framework, using Scala and WebJars.