If I Want To Look Like A Pirate...

Pirates always have a parrot on their shoulder.

The Elevators of Valparaiso

They still take you all the way up for an insignificant price.

The Dogs of Valparaiso

There are a zillion dogs in Valparaiso.

The Walls of Valparaiso

Everywhere is color and graffiti art.

Final Chile Impressions

A few more remarks about Chile that didn't find room in the previous entries.

Café Con Piernas

Claudia was more than happy to have a chat with us.

Biowine At Emiliana

This the first beautiful sight of it from the highway.

A Striking Journey

Protesters have taken control of the bank, and don't let ferries unload.

Torres Del Paine Through the Boot Hole

Guido's boots don't look like proper mountain boots at all.

So Cold You Might Meet Penguins

Does anyone remember the hole in the ozone layer?

Towards The End Of The World

Guido and I stood up after only 3 hours of New Year's sleep and began packing for the next adventure.

An Ovenly New Year's Eve

The fun thing is that we kept the shop open, and people kept coming in.

When Italy and Chile Unite

Cooking together when we meet is a tradition that we try to honour whenever applicable.

A Bright, Not So White Christmas

You can't imagine the weirdness of a hot, summery Christmas until you live it.

Los Porteños de Valparaiso

What I didn't understand from our email exchange is that she had a room to rent out herself.

Water Walks

Wrecked walls where black cracks become part of the colored graffiti.

Chilean Onions

This is kinda awakening my latin roots.

Valparaiso, Chile

The journey from Australia to South America has been the longest of my life yet.