Goodbye Australia

It was nice meeting you. Next time we'll become friends.

Finally Melbourne!

Shall I ever look for a job in Australia, Melbourne would be the place..

An Aboriginal Journey

They had never known the concept of property nor fences.

Geraldton Life - Outdoor

Eyes barely open, they look like half asleep at the bar after a night out drinking.

Geraldton Life - Hostel

I ended up staying almost two weeks, and only because I had a damn plane to catch.

The Surfing End

So there I am, alone again.

Outback Drive

The drive to the next destination was the toughest so far.

Golden Skimpies!

They are basically waitress who only wear lingerie.

Esperance Hopes

I regarded them as proper signatures on the road.

The Road To A Roadtrip

This is the only way to hear the breath of the land.


The birthplace of a nation and its missed capital.

Sandy Fun on Fraser Island

I felt actually ready for an easy, laid back, lazy touristic experience.

Down Under an Ozzy Sky

I desperately wanted to buy a new MacBook Pro.