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Fabio Tiriticco

Reactive architect when not on a bicycle.

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  • Amsterdam (NL), ITNEXT, 14th November
  • Berlin (DE), Codemotion, 20th November
  • Amsterdam (NL), Google GDG CloudFest, 24th November
  • Amsterdam (NL), DevJam meetup, 28th November
  • Amsterdam (NL), KeenFolk meetup, 6th December


  • London (UK), O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, 29th October
  • Montreal (CA), Reactive Summit, 22nd October (🎬)
  • Florence (IT), Scala Italy, 14th September (🎬)
  • Amsterdam (NL), Software Circus meetup, 21st August
  • Malaga (ES), J On The Beach, 25th May (🎬, 🎀)
  • Amsterdam (NL), Codemotion, 8th May, Panel session
  • Krakow (PL), React Sphere, 17th April
  • Amsterdam (NL), Reactive Amsterdam meetup, 9th April (🎬)


  • Amsterdam (NL), Reactive Amsterdam meetup, 26th October (🎬)
  • The Hague (NL), Dev/070 meetup, 25th October
  • Utrecht (NL), DomCode meetup, 26th September
  • Amsterdam (NL), Codemotion, 16th May (🎬)
  • Amsterdam (NL), Reactive Amsterdam meetup, 11th April (🎀, 🎬)
  • Webinar, Codemotion, 7th February


  • Hilversum (NL), Dutch Android User Group, 23rd August
  • Amsterdam (NL), Codemotion, 11th May (🎬)


  • Amsterdam (NL), Reactive Amsterdam meetup, 13th November


  • Amsterdam (NL), Amsterdam Scala meetup, 20th March