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Reactive architect when not on a bicycle.

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Open source

Android GPX Parser

This library is there to help developers parse GPX files coming out of a GPS recorder.

AWS Request Signer [Scala]

Requests to AWS need to be signed through a complex, easy-to-get-wrong process. This library takes that pain away.

GestureMatch [Scala] & CloudMatch Android SDK

CloudMatch is my own startup, and GestureMatch is the open source engine that powers it. The idea is to enable device-to-device communication using hand gestures like Pinch and Swipe.

Swipe example

The Things Network Android SDK

The Things Newtork is a crowd-sourced IoT project. We’re building a free LoraWan network and I am in charge of the Android SDK to retrieve data about nodes, gateways and packets.

Examples & fiddling